The Teaching Of Islamic Religion (Part II)

Prophet Muhammad Biography
Allah is Our Creator
Q.   Who created you?
A.   Allah created us,our father and mother,the skies and the earth,this universe and everything in it.
Q.   How did Allah create the universe?
A.   By His power and order.
Q.   What are the people called who do not belive in Allah?
A.   They are called Kafir (Unbelievers).
Q.   What are people called who do not worship Allah but worship other things,or those who believe in two or three gods?
A.   Such people called kafir or musyrik
Q.   Willa Allah pardon the musyrik and kafir?
A.   Kafir and musyrik will never be pardoned.They will always be kept in great pain and trouble.

Short Prophet Muhammad Biography
Q.   Who is prophet Muhammad?
A.   He was Allah's worshipper and a prophet and messenger of Allah.We belong to his ummat.
Q.   Where was our prophet Muhammad born?
A.   He was born in Mecca,a city in Arabia.
Q.   What were the names of his father and grandfather?
A.   Abdullah was the name of his father and Abdul Muttalib was the name of his grand father.
Q.   Was our prophet Muhammad greater or lesser position than the other prophets?
A.   Our prophet Muhammad was the greatest of all the prophets.He is the holiest of all creation.
Q.   Where did prophet Muhammad live all his life?
A.   He remained in city of his birth,Mecca for 53 years.Then he went to the Holy city of Madina in obedience to the command of Allah.There he lived for 10 years.He left for his heavenly abode at the age of 63.
Q.   What about person who does not belive in prophet Muhammad?
A.   One who does not accept Muhammad as Allah's prophet is a kafir.

Believing in Prophet Muhammad
Q.   What is meant by believing in prophet Muhammad?
A.   To believe in prophet Muhammad means that we accept him as the prophet and messenger of Allah,and that we should love him above everything except God,and obey his orders.
Q.   How do we know that Muhammad is Allah's prophet and messenger?
A.  It is because the Holy Book testifies his prophethood and he,in his words and deeds maintained a standard of life to which only prophets can rise.

Holy Quran
Q.   How to know that the holy quran is Allah's book?
A.  Because prophet Muhammad said:It is a book of Allah and it was revealed of him by Allah.Its teachings and its style of expression are unparalleled and elude human skill and wisdom.
Q.  Was the Holy Quran revealed to prophet Muhammad in parts,sometimes one ayat (verse),sometimes two or more ayat and sometimes one whole sura (chapter) was revealed.This was done according to the need.

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